Terms & Conditions applicable to all hirers

The lead person of the party (the first named on the booking form) must accept all responsibility for the actions and conduct of the whole party and will be held responsible in the event of any breaches of the owners’ or Butlins conditions of booking.

Booking and payments

You can make an immediate provisional booking of any available dates shown on the www.mizcaravans.com web site by completing and submitting the booking form in the “Booking”  section of the www.mizcaravans.com website. The hire charges will be those published in our advertisement on the MizCaravans web site (User ID 1855 & User ID 2249) unless advised otherwise at the time of booking and confirmed in writing.

Mizcaravans will confirm receipt of your booking by email and will hold the booking for a maximum of 7 days, during which time we require a non refundable deposit of £75 per week (or part of a week) booked. If we do not receive your deposit within 7 days, the dates will be re listed as available.

Following receipt of your deposit and the completed booking form from www.mizcaravans.com we will email further information to you. The balance of the payment for your holiday must be received by us no later than 8 weeks before your holiday is due to start. At which time we will also require a refundable bond of £50 (£100 for adult week ends) which will normally be returned to you within 1 to 2 weeks after your holiday finishes, if no breakages, damage or excessive cleaning requirements are reported by our cleaners. Any evidence of vomiting or smoking in the caravans will result in an automatic forfeit of your security bond.


□  If you book your holiday more than 12 weeks before it is due to start, we will contact you by text or email 12 weeks before it is due to start and ask you to confirm you still require the holiday. If we do not receive confirmation from you we will cancel your booking and re advertise it. Your deposit will not be refunded. If you subsequently decide you do require the holiday and it is still available, you must send us confirmation by text or email and you will not lose your deposit: If it is not still available, you will forfeit the holiday and your deposit.

If a booking is for more than 6 adults over 18 years old, an additional charge of £25/week (or part of) per extra adult (max 2) will be payable. We do not accept bookings for more than 6 persons per caravan on adult week ends.

If you book your holiday less than 8 weeks before it is due to start, we will require the completed booking form with full payment within 48 hours to confirm your booking. Otherwise the holiday will be re advertised until such time as full payment is received.

In the event that you cancel your holiday for any reason within 28 to 56 days of the start date, you will be liable to forfeit 50% of the total cost, cancellations within 8 to 27 days will be charged at 80% of the total cost. No refunds will be given for bookings cancelled within the last 7 days before your holiday is due to start.

Mizcaravans do not provide any personal holiday insurance, we therefore recommend that you take this out privately to cover any unforeseen circumstances which would cause you to have to cancel your holiday, or to cover any other losses or injury.


Arrival and departure

Your caravan will be available by 4pm on the day of your arrival. If you arrive early (before 4pm), drive to the East Gate. On production of your holiday booking form, you will be allowed into the East Car Park. You can then use all the Butlins facilities. After 4pm you can walk, or drive back, to Guest Services and collect your, welcome pack and car pass. Once you have the car pass you will be able to drive onto the resort at the East Gate and round to the caravan park. Butlins Minehead do not issue entertainment passes on family breaks, but wrist bands are issued on adult week ends.

The key to your caravan will be in the key safe next to the caravan door. You will have been informed of the combination when you received your booking forms in the post. At certain times though, Butlins may issue the key when you book in.

You must vacate the caravan by 11am on the morning of your departure, lock the caravan and replace the key in the key safe. If you have used the second key, kept on a hook in the boiler cupboard, you must make sure it has been replaced before you leave.

Booking restrictions

We will not accept bookings from same sex groups of more than 3 persons, (exceptions apply) except on adult weekends. On Adult week ends we restrict the occupancy to a maximum of 6 persons. We reserve the right to decline any booking which does not comply with these restrictions or for any other reason. The caravans must not be occupied by anyone other than those named on the booking form.

Smoking & pets

Smoking is not permitted in the caravan and cigarette ends should not be left on the floor outside the caravan. No pets of any kind are allowed.



Under no circumstances must any bedding be taken outside the caravan. All conventional beds will be made up when guests arrive at the caravan; linen for the pull out bed is normally left in a wardrobe.


Accidents, breakages and damage.

If, upon your arrival you notice any breakages or damage, you must report it to the owner immediately by telephone on the number you will have been given, this is to prevent you being held responsible. The owner will do everything possible to rectify any problems encountered when you arrive and try to ensure they do not adversely effect your holiday.

Any accidents, damage, or major problems (eg serious carpet staining or sanitary ware breakages) which occur during your holiday should be reported to the owner as soon as possible in order to allow our contractors to try to limit any damage and cost to you. The lead guest of the party will be held responsible for the cost of any damage or breakages which occur during your hire period.



Before every letting the caravan is cleaned, inspected, safety checked and made ready for you by our contractors. You should inform the owners immediately of any deficiencies you find when you arrive so that steps can be taken to rectify them as soon as possible. When you depart, the caravan it must be left tidy and presentable, with all the crockery, cutlery etc, washed and put away, the central heating turned off, all windows closed and secured. Any perishable food must be removed from the caravan to one of the waste bins provided on the site

It is likely when you arrive there will be cleaning materials, loo rolls, condiments etc in the caravan which you can use. If it is there when you get there, please use it and replace it before you leave for the next person.

Anyone found to be breaching either Butlins or the owner’s terms and conditions will be asked to leave the site, no refunds will be given.

It is important that you do not lose any keys to the caravan, lost keys will incur a charge of £10. You could also be unfortunate enough to have the caravan burgled and property stolen whilst you are there.

Young children should be supervised at all times when using crayons, or felt pens as they can do extensive damage in a very short time. We respectfully ask that you do not allow the use of paints under any circumstances. The cost to remove any stains or redecorate will be charged to the hirer.

Caravan owners have no control over the entertainment programme or amenities provided by Butlins and cannot be held responsible for any decisions taken by Butlins in this respect.

Full access to the resort and all its entertainment and facilities, gas and electricity are included in the price.

Even in dry weather, outside shoes should not be worn in the caravan. This is a lakeside site with abundant ducks and geese, it is easy to accidently tread into something nasty.


□ Never leave bags of rubbish, even tied up ones, outside the caravan ready to take to the bins. The seagulls and geese can rip these open in no time and give you a lot of mess to clear up.

A key to the outside storage box at each caravan is left on a hook in the boiler cupboard. This should contain a parasol for the picnic table on the veranda and a charcoal barbeque. If used, these should both be stored back in the cupboard when you vacate the caravan.

The barbeque should be used with care, away from the caravan and definitely not on the veranda. No responsibility for any loss or injury incurred as a result of using the barbeque will be accepted by Butlins or the caravan owners.